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EPS Sandwich Panel (BM-P001)

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EPS Sandwich Panel (BM-P001)

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Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS sandwich board) is a new type of construction panel which made of outer layers both sides of pre-painted steel coil and inner layer of polystyrene.  Processing by computer-controlled color steel shaping machine and covered with high-strength adhesive.
Characteristic: light weight, 8~14kg/m2, easy to install, short work cycle, lower cost, high-capacity, high-stiffness and intensity. Flexible for using, the length of panel is according to the project requirements and term of installation and transportation. Heat preservation and heat insulation, prevented sound pollution, High-performance characteristic of moisturizing, the average of thermal conductivity is 0.032kcal/m.

 color steel sandwich panel


 relevant parameter


 color steel panel

 thickness 0.256-0.5mm


 color steel panel

 thickness 0.256-0.5mm

 plate width


 plate length

 clients can order according to the trim size

 the thickness of the plate


 insulation filler material

 glass wool

 unit weight 40kg/m3

 the connection method

male female slot 


EPS sandwich panel is widely use for the roof tile of prefab house, light steel villa, kiosk, factory, and other temporary buildings.

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