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Glass Wool Sandwich panel(BM-P002)

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Glass Wool Sandwich panel(BM-P002)

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Glass wool is with unique centrifugal technique, the molten glass fibrosis and thermosetting resins is given priority to environmental protection formula of binder for processed goods, is a kind of surface by only a few microns in diameter glass fiber, elastic fiber glass products. Because of glass wool color steel has a large number of small space, with thermal insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction and safety protection etc., building fire prevention is the best material to heat preservation and heat insulation, sound-absorbing noise reduction.
Glass wool sandwich panel has a good feature in noise reduction, specially suitable for the place where is high requirement in the sound-insulation. Via testing according to ISO717/82 and UNI18270/7 standards, selecting the rock wool which with the density 100kg/m3 and the thickness 50~100mm as the core, the sound coefficient will achieve RW=29-30dB.

 color steel sandwich panel


 relevant parameter


 color steel panel

 thickness 0.256-0.5mm


 color steel panel

 thickmess 0.256-0.5mm

 plate width


 plate length

 clients can order according to the tirm size

 the thickness of the plate


 insulation filler material

 glass wool

 unit weight 40kg/m3

 the connection method

 male female slot


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