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Barbed wire barrier(B-001)

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Barbed wire barrier(B-001)

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Barbed wire barrier is a very flexible assembly of products, can be used as a permanent or temporary separation barrier, just using different column fixation can be achieve. Depending on the different environment and installation, embedded, plus base, etc is optional. The high-quality wire rod as raw material, through the galvanized, base coat and powder coating of three layers protection, with anti-corrosion features. All the accessories can be design as customer’s requirements.
High strength, beautiful appearance, broad vision, wide vision, easy installation, feeling bright.
Landscaping, variety of colors, durable, not easy to fade and distortion.
Specification: 1~2m (H)*3m (L)
wire diameter: 3.0mm~4.0mm~5.0mm
Mesh hole: 50*50mm~60*60mm~50*100mm~60*120mm~90*170mm
Surface preparation: PVC coating, Plastic spraying, hot-galvanize
The connection of wire netting and pillar: screws and connect plate etc.
The connection of pillar and ground: embedded, plus base is optional






Barbed wire barrier is using highways, railways, airports, bridges, protection on both sides for municipal green space, flowerbed landscape architecture, schools, stadium, the decoration of green space, etc. Beautiful appearance, variety of colors, not only as fence protection, but also have the function of beautification.

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